“The only direction is forward.”
-ConnectHome Resident, Choctaw Nation


About ConnectHomeUSA

Who we are

ConnectHomeUSA is a public-private collaboration to narrow the digital divide for families with school-age children who live in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assisted housing.

ConnectHomeUSA creates a platform for community leaders, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private industry to join together and produce locally-tailored solutions for narrowing the digital divide. Through these stakeholders’ specific commitments to provide free or low-cost broadband access, devices, and digital literacy training, ConnectHomeUSA extends affordable access to low-income families, ensuring that high-speed internet follows our children from their classrooms back to their homes.

Our history: Connecthome pilot

The pilot ConnectHome program launched in 2015 in 27 cities and one tribal nation in collaboration with public housing agencies, local government, internet service providers, and nonprofit organizations. Since then, 37% of HUD-assisted households with children in these communities have gained internet access through ConnectHome efforts.


Achievements to Date

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More than 7,000 devices were deployed to families in need

More than 20,000 people were connected to at-home internet service

And more than 200 digital literacy trainings were held, ranging from basic computer readiness to coding/maker instruction


Resident Success Stories


"Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration...that is the key to being successful in this work"


Impact of connecthome: KEY Highlights to date

  • After participating in ConnectHome, 82% of participants said they’d check their child’s grades using the internet, while 75.6% said they’d use the internet help their children with schoolwork.
  • 89.2% of residents have retained their ConnectHome internet connection to date
  • 89.2% became aware of free computer classes in their neighborhood after ConnectHome, ConnectHome’s digital literacy efforts allow more residents to tap into the benefits of the digital world.
  • 64.6% of participants used their device all the time or often for personal, educational, and/or professional development.
  • 82.6% of participants were likely to continue learning by taking the online classes provided as part of the ConnectHome program.
  • 91.9% of ConnectHome participants indicated that they had a better understanding of internet safety.

Looking Forward

ConnectHomeUSA Communities are working to increase the percent of connected residents by at least 15% each year!

As ConnectHomeUSA grows we have the potential to reach 350,000 residents by 2020!


Ready to help?

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