Generations on Line

Who we are, what we do, and how we do it


What we do:

Generations on Line provides free Easy Tablet Help for Seniors.

This is a proven on-screen tutorial with instructions in plain English and large type that guides a senior step-by-step on to the basics of using a tablet – from interactive hand gesture learning to keyboarding and voice recognition. Then it guides them step – by-step through all the basic functions – from email accounts to taking pictures and searching the Web. This is available as a free app for both Apple and Android devices.

For residences and other institutions and agencies, we have created the Sip & Swipe Café®. It’s very simple – just a few tables set up in the cafeteria, four tablets for public use, and a GoL coach guide with curriculum tips, checklist of accomplishments, graduations certificate, reminder aids, and monthly promotional support. Tablets are not included; but GoL will assist in identifying options. In 15 pilot sites, it was proven that 85% of brand new learners mastered the 23-point checklist of accomplishments in four one-hour sessions. 99% said they would recommend Generations on Line to a friend.

Because the instructions are always on every screen, the issues of short-term memory loss and dependency on a teacher, embarrassment and confusion are overcome.


Why digital literacy for seniors is important:

The Internet and email, video chats, and photo sharing are integral to the lives of nearly everyone under the age of 60. Yet, ironically, those who could benefit so greatly from the mobility, convenience, freedom, and access that online technology provides are the least likely to be able to use it.

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People aged 65 and older, particularly those in low and moderate income, rural areas, and less educated, have been left behind as the world depends more and more on interactive connectivity.

Classes and books elude those in digital denial. These late adapters feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the technology and jargon; they say they’ve been left behind and it’s too late to catch up on the Information Highway.


Why ConnectHomeUSA

The mission of ConnectHomeUSA – to END the Digital Divide is profound. By attracting, coordinating, publicizing, and enabling programs that tackle this tough issue from so many sides, ConnectHomeUSA is the ideal partner to extend the reach of each individual organization and effort into communities through the country. We tackle the cohort of the elderly, particularly low income. Our cyber support and training, like many other of ConnectHomeUSA partners, knows no boundaries; the deployment of programs and services has infinite capacity because of technology. Together, we can indeed fulfill the mission of ConnectHomeUSA and Generations on Line.


How our program works:

Seventeen years ago, Generations on Line built an onramp to that highway, as we called it then. By creating a few very simple instructions on every screen, in plain age-appropriate language and large type with no ads, we provided centers that served seniors with a turnkey, low maintenance program to get their populations online -- easily, fast and free.

Since that time, we have helped more than 100,000 elders through 2000 senior centers, low income housing, retirement and assisted living centers, and public libraries in all 50 states. The program is on PC’s and on tablets as both a cloud version and a free app.  The app is designed for use by families, with a family member downloading it on a personal tablet for an older relative or friend. The new learner is to read the instructions and follow them on her own.

We believe our oldest – and often wisest -- generations deserve to be included in the digital revolution and all it has to offer. No barrier should stop them. That’s why we have worked hard all these years to tackle the barriers of access, skill and intimidation.

We invite everyone to share the information and to contact us for any further information.