Who We Are

Since its founding in 2000, Free Geek has been accepting donations of used technology and reusing it to provide low-to-no cost computers for individuals and organizations in the Portland area. Of the equipment that is donated to our facility, we have an average reuse rate of about 20%. Whatever can’t be reused is ethically recycled.

The technology we test and refurbish for reuse is given to volunteers in exchange for community service, provided to students through our Plug Into Portland program, made available to other nonprofits in the form of hardware grants, or sold at affordable prices in the Free Geek Store.

As a partner in the Earn a Computer program — currently in its pilot stage — we provide a computer to low-income housing residents who successfully complete a series of digital literacy trainings. Over 150 computers were given to HUD residents in pilot year one.

Free Geek also offers free, volunteer-powered technology classes and workshops to the community. Our current curriculum centers around computer hardware, digital privacy and safety, basic software training, creative media, programming, and open source contribution.


Our ConnectHomeUSA Commitment

Free Geek has already invested considerable resources in providing refurbished, low-to-no cost devices and technology training to the Portland metro community. As a ConnectHomeUSA stakeholder, we commit to continuing and expanding the reach of our community education programs. We will continue to partner with schools to get computers into the hands of students. We will continue to partner with low-income housing providers on incentivized digital literacy programs. Last but not least, we will continue to make refurbished, free and low-cost technology available to the community.


Why We’re Involved in ConnectHomeUSA

Access to technology is a key factor for success as a citizen of the 21st century. We view access to technology as a key social justice issue. That’s why digital equity has always been at the core of Free Geek’s mission to sustainably reuse technology, enable digital access, and provide education to create a community that empowers people to realize their potential.


We’re committed to the ConnectHomeUSA movement and its goal to bridge the digital divide for public housing residents. We partner with many community organizations that make digital inclusion a priority. As a stakeholder, we will continue offer residents of our community the resources and education they need to allow them to thrive in our digital society.