Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is ConnectHome? What is the difference with ConnectHomeusa?

A. ConnectHome is a pilot program that was launched by the White House and U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2015. ConnectHome works with 28 pilot communities across the nation to narrow the digital divide for K-12 families living in public housing.

ConnectHomeUSA builds upon the success of the ConnectHome pilot by expanding to reach new communities with digital inclusion best practices and resources provided by our numerous stakeholders to help their residents get connected. Under the leadership of national nonprofit EveryoneOn, ConnectHomeUSA aims to reach 100 new communities by 2020 with a potential impact of connecting 350,000 residents.


Q. How will communities apply for ConnectHomeusa?

A. The application for the 2019 ConnectHomeUSA cohort will open during the week of May 20, 2019.

Q. How many communities can join? What happens if my community is not selected?

A. Interested communities will be admitted to a cohort of no more than 13 in 2019.

ConnectHomeUSA is built on the concept of open source learning. Even if a community is not chosen to participate in ConnectHomeUSA, we are committed to sharing the best practices we learn along the way by publishing the ConnectHomeUSA Playbook, case studies, and relevant resources on the ConnectHomeUSA Resources page for any and all to come and learn about how to start a digital inclusion campaign in their community.

Following this open source model, many of our stakeholders have opened eligibility for their offers to all HUD-assisted residents, meaning any public housing authority (PHA) or housing developer in the United States would be able to take advantage of them. These resources are noted on our website with detailed instruction for how to get started.

Finally, if your community is not selected, you are still eligible for future cohorts. We aim to provide useful feedback on your application and you are encouraged to apply again in the future.

Q. What is required of communities to join?

A. Communities that apply and are admitted will be committing to the following:

  1. Assign a dedicated staff member from the housing provider to serve as ConnectHomeUSA lead

  2. Provide a joint partnership letter from the housing provider and the city/municipality during application submission

  3. Host a local convening of current and potential ConnectHomeUSA stakeholders to form partnerships which is to be completed within the 2019 calendar year

  4. Submit annual project plans via the ConnectHomeUSA Portal

  5. Work towards annual internet adoption, device, and training goals

  6. Submit monthly progress reports via the ConnectHomeUSA Portal

  7. Attend regional and/or national summits

  8. Participate in monthly regional HUD calls and ConnectHomeUSA office hours calls

  9. Provide semi-annual success stories from residents that have been positively impacted by the program

Q. What do accepted communities receive?

A. Communities that are selected to enroll will receive:

  1. Access to stakeholder commitments

  2. Continued assistance with stakeholder negotiation and communication by EveryoneOn as communities seek to add new stakeholders to the initiative

  3. Direct technical assistance with EveryoneOn and HUD for help with local efforts and best practices

  4. Access to a mentorship community to help guide progress

  5. Access to the ConnectHomeUSA Portal, which includes resources created and curated for ConnectHomeUSA

Q. What will happen with the original ConnectHome pilot communities?

A. The 28 communities that participated in the pilot program with HUD now have the opportunity to enroll in ConnectHomeUSA and join this new cohort of continuing ConnectHomeUSA communities, now called Legacy Communities.

Q. What is the mentor community program?

A. New communities will be given access to the Mentor Community Program which consists of communities that have been in the program for at least one year and commit to serving as a resource. These mentors will be chosen based on their willingness to serve, coupled with their status as a high performing community. Mentees can look forward to required monthly touch points with their mentor as well as continued support for the relationship by EveryoneOn

Q. Does ConnectHomeusa membership come with funding?

A. While EveryoneOn works to raise philanthropic resources and bring funded programming to communities, there is no guaranteed or designated funding for ConnectHomeUSA communities. However, this need not stop communities from proceeding with the work of closing the digital divide in their HUD-assisted housing population. Many ConnectHomeUSA communities have made great gains in connecting their residents without additional outside resources.

Q. Is ConnectHomeusa open to residents in all types of HUD-assisted housing (public housing, multifamily, Section 8)?

A. Yes, any resident in any type of HUD-assisted housing is eligible to be served by the stakeholder commitments that are part of ConnectHomeUSA. In the first phase of ConnectHomeUSA, any communities that wish to serve multifamily and Section 8 housing residents are welcome to do so. They would just need to indicate as such on their application and their means for accomplishing that goal. Please note that at this time ConnectHomeUSA is not accepting providers with Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) units; we will review program requirements each year and update accordingly. For any additional questions, contact us

Q. Can a state apply to ConnectHomeusa as a whole?

A. Yes, any state that is looking to join ConnectHomeUSA may apply. The requirements on reporting would remain the same for the applicant points of contact, which must include a representative from the governor’s office and the state housing director (or equivalent position where applicable).

Q. Can Privately owned/multifamily housing developers apply to ConnectHomeusa?

A. Yes, privately owned/multifamily housing developers are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Q. Can Privately owned/multifamily housing developers apply to ConnectHomeusa if they operate in multiple geographies?

A. Yes, privately owned/multifamily housing developers that operate in multiple geographies are eligible and encouraged to apply. However, they must meet the requirements for each geography and include all information in the original application submission to be considered.

Q. Will ConnectHomeusa accept multiple applications from one city/geography (PHA + Multi-family + second multi-family)?

A. ConnectHomeUSA will only accept one application per geography, however, if groups want to form a coalition to work together and apply as one, this is permissible.


Q. Who are the stakeholders (nonprofits, internet service providers, others) involved in ConnectHomeusa?

A. The list of stakeholders participating in ConnectHomeUSA is as follows:

  • ABC Mouse by Age of Learning

  • American Library Association

  • AT&T

  • Best Buy

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

  • CollegeBoard

  • Comcast

  • Common Sense Media

  • Cox Communications

  • E-stewards

  • FreeGeek

  • Generations On Line

  • GitHub

  • Google Fiber

  • Kano

  • National Housing Conference

  • PCsforPeople

  • T-mobile

Q. How can a corporation/nonprofit get involved in ConnectHomeusa?

A. Corporations and nonprofits who are interested in joining ConnectHomeUSA and can provide resources to our communities can do so by filling out an application under our Stakeholders page. There you will find links to applications for internet service providers (ISPs) and non-ISP stakeholders (device providers, digital literacy partners, etc).

Q. What are the requirements for ConnectHomeusa stakeholders?

A. ConnectHomeUSA stakeholders who apply and are accepted are committing to the following:

  1. Providing services/resources to ConnectHomeUSA residents in participating communities in their coverage area (including where possible, taking part in on-the-ground coordination/enrollment events)

  2. Monthly check-ins with the ConnectHomeUSA national staff

  3. Quarterly reporting on progress in engaging ConnectHomeUSA communities and data on resident impact

  4. Attendance at the ConnectHomeUSA annual summit

Q. What types of corporations/nonprofits are eligible to join ConnectHomeusa?

A. ConnectHomeUSA is committed to providing a variety of stakeholder offers that can help residents thrive in today’s digital society. This includes groups that service our core three digital inclusion metrics: internet connectivity, devices, and digital literacy training, as well as content partners that train residents in the following topics:

  • College readiness/K-12 education

  • Workforce development

  • Online health resources

  • Financial literacy

  • Digital literacy training for older adults


Q. How can I learn about digital inclusion resources if my community is not participating in ConnectHomeusa?

A. We at EveryoneOn are working to eliminate the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost internet service and computers, and free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected people living in the United States. We aim to leverage the democratizing power of the internet to provide opportunity to all – regardless of age, race, geography, income, or education level.

Following this model, we have created a page for residents to learn more about their options for internet service, devices, digital literacy, and educational content. To learn more, please visit our Residents page.