Safer Internet Day: Common Sense Media

Many of you have already worked to bring great new resources to the families in your HUD-assisted housing communities: internet access and digital devices. But the work must not end there. When parents receive these invaluable resources for their children they have a lot to consider, including what content they do and do not want their child to be able to access; how much time their child should spend on his or her device; and what apps, games, and websites are safe and appropriate for their child. While it is life-changing for many families to receive these resources that will ultimately provide better opportunities for their children, it is also overwhelming and can be discouraging without key digital literacy skills. Happily, there are many resources to help. Common Sense is dedicated to helping recently connected families find the right tools to help them successfully navigate the digital world at home. We believe all kids can be safe, smart, and effective online with the right support and tools.

All of our digital literacy resources are free for you and your residents. Here are some options to get you started:

As your residents become comfortable with technology, it is important to continue to provide resources on ways to keep technology use healthy and in check.  With all the time we spend on our screens, it's crucial to help find ways to more responsibly use online technology.

That's why, as part of our continued efforts to advance digital access, health, and learning for all kids, Common Sense is teaming up with the Center for Humane Technology, a new organization of former tech industry insiders.  Together, we are advocating for technology that works in our best interests and to empower educators and families everywhere to support kids' digital well-being. Learn more about our new digital well-being initiative here.


Joojo Ocran