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Welcome to the ConnectHomeUSA Blog! ConnectHomeUSA is committed to the concept of open source learning. Our blog aims to share the insights we have gained through our work in the digital inclusion field with Public Housing Authorities, potential stakeholders, and anyone else who is interested in closing the digital divide in their community. Additionally, the blog is a great way to learn more about the partners we work with, our impact, and most importantly, the success stories we have been a part of over the years!

ConnectHome begun in 2015 as a collaboration with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other cross-sector stakeholders to bridge the digital divide for families with school-aged children who live in HUD-assisted housing. The pilot launched in 27 cities and one tribal nation, and has succeeded in connecting 37% of HUD-assisted households in its footprint so far. This year, the ConnectHome pilot has evolved and expanded into ConnectHomeUSA, a movement under the purview of EveryoneOn in partnership with HUD. ConnectHomeUSA builds on the success of its precursor and aims to connect 350,000 people in over 100 communities across the country by 2020. Our blog is the best way to keep up with our progress, so stay tuned!

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