Who We Are: Common Sense

Common Sense is the nation’s leading national non-profit that helps parents and educators navigate the rapidly changing world of media and technology for their kids and students. We promote digital citizenship -- the safe, smart and ethical use of media and technology -- for children and families. Common Sense Media rates and reviews movies, websites, apps, and books. Common Sense Education trains teachersto teach digital citizenship and to better integrate ed-tech tools for enhanced learning. Common Sense Kids Action works to improve public policies for kids and families. Together, we have tens of millions of users nationwide, our educational materials are used in nearly 50% of U.S. schools, and we have advocate members in every state. All of our materials are available in English and Spanish, are online, and are free.

Our ConnectHomeUSA Commitment

Connecting Families: Digital citizenship and media literacy resources to educate, support, and empower families to raise kids who think critically, participate responsibly, and behave ethically in their online lives, including:

  • Digital Passport (ages 8–11): Teaches digital safety, respect, and community through videos, gameplay, collaborative offline activities, and wraparound educator materials.
  • Digital Compass (ages 11–14): Teaches fundamentals of digital citizenship through animated, choose-your-own-adventure integrative experiences, stories and mini-games.
  • Family Ratings and Reviews: Helps families make informed choices about media content, as well as advice videos and content for safe and smart Internet practices.
  • Pre-Populate Donated Devices: Our materials can be pre-loaded on devices that are being donated to HUD-Assisted families.

Why We’re Involved in ConnectHomeUSA

Common Sense believes that the digital divide – the gap between households that have and those that don’t have access to affordable high-speed internet, modern devices, and digital literacy – directly contributes to America’s education achievement gap and income inequality. By working together, non-profits, the private sector, and the public sector can help to ensure that all households and all classrooms are connected to high-speed internet, have modern devices, and the training to go with it to improve opportunity for all Americans.

Common Sense Education developed an award-winning curriculum to teach teachers and media literacy specialists to teach digital citizenship to their students. Through lesson plans and games available in print, on the web, and in apps, children of all ages, and their parents, develop the skills to navigate the complex new world of social media and technology.

Common Sense is proud to be a national partner in ConnectHomeUSA to help ensure that families in HUD-assisted households have access to modern technology and digital literacy skills that will help their children learn and grow. Visit Common Sense today to learn how you can help ensure all kids and families have the opportunity to thrive in a digital world at school and at home.

Getting Started:

1. Encourage organizers and residents to access digital citizenship content

2. Distribute handouts to residents

3. Help families complete media contracts with their children

4. Pre-Populate Devices: Companies that are donating or refurbishing devices for ConnectHomeUSA communities can pre-populate those devices with our digital literacy materials for free, here: www.commonsense.org/education/connecthome

For more information: Danny Weiss, VP, Federal Policy and D.C. Regional Office Director | dweiss@commonsense.org