Who We Are: The College Board

Since its founding in 1900, the College Board has been focused on expanding access to higher education for all students. Today, we are a mission-driven, not-for-profit membership organization made up of over 6,000 of the world’s leading colleges, schools, and other educational organizations. Each year, the College Board helps more than seven million students prepare for successful transition to college through program and services in college readiness and college success – including the SAT® and the Advanced Placement Program®.
Through our programs and initiatives, we challenge all students to own their future by practicing hard and taking advantage of every opportunity they can.  We support students in this work by delivering focused, clear, and useful assessments; by providing them with challenging courses and personalized practice resources; and by connecting them to college and career opportunities.

Our ConnectHomeUSA Commitment

The College Board will commit to offering our free, world-class SAT practice tool - Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy – along with other college and career planning resources such as the BigFuture, the CollegeGo mobile app, and the Roadmap to Careers website to students who are participating in the ConnectHomeUSA program.

To support high-achieving, low-income students who have been affected by the “digital divide” and who may not have access to the tools and resources they need to realize their full potential, the College Board – in collaboration with Khan Academy and the National College Access Network (NCAN) – is providing access to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy to all ConnectHomeUSA communities, while also offering college planning workshops and office hours in six of the ConnectHomeUSA communities across the county.
As part of an expanded commitment to these students, the College Board will also connect them with the following resources:

  • SAT and college application fee waivers: Low-income seniors who live in federally in the U.S or U.S. territories who live in federally subsidized public housing  are eligible to use SAT fee waivers, which allows them to register for the test for free. Students who take the SAT with a fee waiver are also eligible to receive four free college application fee waivers from the College Board.
  • BigFuture and the CollegeGo mobile app:
    • BigFuture.org provides students with comprehensive, step-by-step guidance that includes preparing for college, finding the right school, applying, enrolling, and paying the tab.
    • CollegeGo mobile app: this app – available in both the Google Play and iTunes stores – guides students through the essential steps in the college application process with an interactive interface that uses games, videos, and search features to help students plan their college journeys.
  • Roadmap to Careers:
    • In partnership with Roadtrip Nation, the College Board has developed a set of career planning tools that matter for students. The Roadmap to Careers tool helps student make smart, informed decisions about their future major and career by building upon their passions and interests.
    • Roadmap to Careers provides students with:
      • An engaging online experience to explore careers that reflect their interests
      • Personalized major and career recommendations for students, plus ideas for how they can get started now
      • Access to videos that feature stories of successful people in different careers
      • Insights from professionals on how to build a life and career

Why We’re Involved in ConnectHomeUSA

The College Board is proud to participate in the ConnectHomeUSA program. In partnership with Khan Academy, the College Board will offer all students and families in HUD housing in all ConnectHomeUSA communities free, online SAT practice resources and access to rich college planning and search services, such as Big Future.